We Can Supply

We are able to supply you with discounted custodial supplies. No matter what products need, we have you covered!  Let us be your 1-stop shop for all of your schools/company's needs.                                                             We would love be your #1 Supplier!                                                  Contact us at 786-916-3785 to get started today!

     We are working to improve our ordering process.  Soon you will be able to place orders                                                                        directly through our website.                                                                                                                              Check back for updates!


We can supply but are not limited to the following products

Caution sign with mop and bucket on office floor

Cleaning Equipment

Picture of a person's hand using wall mounted automatic sanitizer dispenser


Cleaning bottles line up in rows...for that dreaded housework.

Cleaning Supplies

Next Steps...

Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the steps necessary to make your school/business a cleaner environment for everyone.  Less bacteria means less chance of your staff or students missing out on days. Contact us today if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing for you.